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Coconut Intolerance

Coconut Intolerance Information

When a person has a coconut intolerance, he or she will experience a negative symptom or symptoms after consuming coconuts as well as after consuming products or foods that contain coconut. There is a difference between a coconut allergy and a coconut intolerance that is important to point out. With a coconut allergy, symptoms are immediate and often quite severe. In some cases they can even be life-threatening. Coconut intolerance symptoms are not life-threatening. They can instead make it difficult for a person to comfortably live life without feeling badly.

Another key different between a coconut intolerance and an allergy is the length of time between eating the offending food and experiencing the negative symptoms. As mentioned, with an allergy, the symptoms are immediate or nearly immediate. With a coconut allergy, symptoms are delayed by quite some time. In most cases there is a delay of up to several hours between the time person ingests the offending food and the time that the symptoms appear. However, with some people, the delay can be up to a day or more.

This is just one way that coconut intolerances vary from person to person. A coconut intolerance (like any food intolerance) is very individual and each person will experience the intolerance in a different way.

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