The HEMOCODE™ Food Intolerance System identifies specific food intolerances and helps deliver relief. You may be able to eliminate unnecessary suffering caused by complaints such as chronic fatigue, headaches, eczema, acne, constipation, IBS, weight imbalance, back pain, arthritis and fibromyalgia. HEMOCODE™ is the most comprehensive approach for management of food sensitivities available to consumers today. Under supervision by naturopathic doctors, it aids in the management of potentially physically reactive foods and provides personalized dietary guidelines, replacement food suggestions and more– all based on your personal report created by naturopathic doctors.


HEMOCODE™ starts with filling out a questionnaire and having a simple finger stick (few drops of blood collected) at the pharmacy or paramedical clinic. Your unique HEMOCODE™ is generated by testing 250 unique foods and ingredients (60 foods with HEMOCODE™Lite) and approximately 1-2 weeks later, your results will be available to review with the pharmacist.

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The Hemocode™ System provides a wide range of support tools after you receive your results. You will get a handy wallet sized card (outlining foods to which you may show a moderate/severe intolerance) and a detailed personalized report which includes*:

  • list of foods to which you may be intolerant based on our food panel screen
  • how to manage food intolerance
  • tips on nutritional and dietary wellness
  • vitamin and supplement recommendations that work in tandem with your HEMOCODE™ dietary recommendations
  • selection of recipes complementing your acceptable foods

*Based on full system

Ongoing follow-up consultations with our licensed naturopathic doctors will support you in managing your food intolerances and achieving dietary wellness long term.