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The Foods that Help you Concentrate

Oct 02, 2014

Eating healthy and nutritious foods doesn’t just benefit your body. Certain foods are also great for your brain, w... Read further →

Another Reason to Pay Attention to Food Labels

Sep 25, 2014

We’ve mentioned the importance of reading nutrition labels on food before. There are a number of reasons why you s... Read further →

Caffeine Intolerances: Is Caffeine Good for You?

Sep 18, 2014

A lot of people start the day with a cup of coffee. They then have a caffeinated soda pop at lunch. And another coffee b... Read further →

Wellness Stories

Thank you Hemocode for the key to my chronic muscle tension! I am a health and fitness conscious person who has been suf...

Terrie H
Lockport, Manitoba
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It`s been about 2 weeks since I received my Hemocode [recommendations]. I began the elimination of problem foods immedi...

Alexandra E.
Hamilton, Ontario
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I`d been hospitalized, tested, poked and prodded… For two years I`d visited neurosurgeons, neurologists, etc., t...

Barbara P.
Oakville, ON
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